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Quantum Technology

Elementary taxonomy of quantum technologies:

  • Quantum Computing and Simulation (quantum computer, quantum programming, and algorithms, quantum simulation, optimization,...)
  • Quantum Cryptography and Communication (quantum network, quantum key distribution, post-quantum cryptography,...)
  • Quantum Imaging (Single photon detection e.g. quantum radar, 3D camera; ghost imaging, quantum illuminating, ...)
  • Quantum Sensing (quantum/atomic clocks, gravity measurement, quantum magnetometer, inertial measurement, chemical detection,...)


What we do

Analysis & Consulting

We offer analytical and consulting services related to the quantum technologies their application. This includes, for example, an overview of quantum technologies and their implementation; analysis of individual quantum technology and its perspectiveů or presentations, lectures, seminars on quantum technologies.



Our research on quantum technologies focuses on quantum sensing and imaging technologies, quantum computing and quantum communication.


About Us

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